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Commercial flooring affects the way employees and clients view your business. The right choice in flooring will present a seamless and professional image to improve comfort, customer experience, and even sales. At BC&N Carpet, our experienced team specializes in flooring sales and installation near Orange County, NY. You’re sure to find the right commercial flooring choice from among our wide selection of carpet, tile, epoxy, laminate, and hardwood flooring.

Unique Commercial Flooring Considerations

Choosing flooring in a commercial setting is a different process than assessing flooring options for a home. There are several unique considerations you should take into account when determining the right kind of flooring for your workspace.

  • Creating a safe workplace is an important factor when selecting commercial flooring. The type of traction a surface provides may play a significant role in your choice, particularly in busy or high-traffic areas. Materials such as carpeting and epoxy flooring will provide more traction than tile or hardwood.
  • You should also consider the amount and type of maintenance your flooring will require. As a business owner, you should factor in the cost of maintenance when developing your flooring budget. Hardwood flooring is beautiful, but requires more maintenance than tile; carpeting in areas prone to dirt or spills may need more frequent cleaning as well.
  • Businesses should also consider the ease with which flooring can be replaced. Flooring in high-traffic areas may require replacement regularly, making an option that is easy to remove and re-install a more cost-effective commercial flooring solution. Carpeting may wear out more quickly than tile or stone, but is also the easiest flooring option to replace.

Caring for Your Office Carpet

Carpet is an excellent flooring choice in may office settings; taking care of your commercial carpeting will improve the appearance of your office and your flooring’s longevity.

  • Chair mats can protect carpeting under desks and seating areas from the wear caused by constant furniture use.
  • Implementing a food and drink policy can reduce accidental spills on your office carpet. If possible, provide employees with a dedicated space for eating and drinking away from carpeted areas.
  • Doormats and runners offer an added layer of protection in entryways and other high-traffic areas. Layering mats and rugs over your office carpet is also a great way to add style and increase employee comfort in areas where staff may spend long periods of time on their feet.

BC&N Carpet can help you improve your commercial space with new or replacement flooring near Orange County, NY. Please give us a call today at (845) 565-7500 or visit our showroom to explore your commercial flooring options.

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