STAINMASTER® PetProtect® Carpet in Orange County, NY

Get the Carpet that Resists Pet Stains

stainmaster pet protect carpet orange county ny

If you have pets, then STAINMASTER PetProtect carpet is the ideal carpeting for your home. This carpeting has built-in stain resistance that won’t wash off. And when accidents do happen, you can easily clean the carpet with hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners without fear.

Benefits of STAINMASTER PetProtect Carpet no interest financing carpet

  • Built-in stain and fade resistant
  • Resists pet stains
  • Releases pet hair
  • Reduces pet odor

This carpeting is also ideal for families with kids and lots of foot traffic – particularly foot traffic with shoes. Accidents happen and dirt accumulates. With STAINMASTER PetProtect carpet your carpet is protected with proprietary technologies and chemistries applied to the carpet to reduce force and attraction between pet hair and the carpet. This allows you to easily remove pet hair and dandor with normal vacuuming. Plus, STAINMASTER PetProtect is the official carpet sponsor of the ASPCA.

At BC&N Carpet in Newburgh, NY we provide you with professional assistance when it comes to selecting, planning and installing your new carpet. Our knowledgeable team can make sure you choose the ideal carpet for your home. Visit our showroom in Newburgh to meet with us in-person and view our selection or give us a call today.

What Makes STAINMASTER PetProtect Different? stainmaster pet protect carpet ny

When you have pets (or kids) accidents are bound to happen and you may not always discover them immediately. With PetProtect carpet and cushion system, you’re armed with a breathable moisture barrier that helps prevent spills and other accidents from penetrating the paddinga nd subfloor. As a result, you’re able to get a more thorough cleaning with reduces lingering odors.

Additionally, PetProtect carpeting uses proprietary technologies and chemistry to reduce the force of attraction between pet hair and the carpet which makes it easy for you to easily vacuum pet hair from your carpet. And anyone with a short hair dog can tell you that’s a breakthrough.

If you’re in the market for new carpet for your home, stop by today to learn about the benefits of STAINMASTER PetProtect and BC&N Carpet in Newburgh.

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