• Making the Choice Between Carpet and Hardwood

    When you are remodeling a home, you may be faced with a tough decision between different flooring styles and materials . While carpet will provide you and your loved ones with a plush and cozy surface, hardwood flooring offers exceptional durability and long lasting style. If you are choosing between carpet installation and wood floors […]

  • Laminate Wood Floor Cleaning 101

    After you have installed new laminate wood flooring in your home, you can keep it looking its best with routine cleaning and care. This video will provide you with instructions on how to clean your laminate flooring. Using a high-quality mop, you will be able to remove dirt from your floors and scrub away stubborn […]

  • Is a Custom Rug Right for Your Room?

    After you have installed new carpet or hardwood flooring in Newburgh , you may want to tie your room together with an area rug. If you are having trouble finding the perfect area rug to match with your interior design plan, it may be time to talk to your flooring experts about creating a custom […]

  • Don’t Believe These Myths About Tile Flooring

    Before you make a decision in terms of flooring near Washingtonville, NY, you should be sure you know the facts. Some people decide not to choose tiles for their floors because of widespread myths that do not stand up to scrutiny. This includes tile flooring being fragile, not requiring any maintenance at all, and being […]

  • How Well Does STAINMASTER® PetProtect® Carpeting Stand Up to the Crowds?

    Some people feel like they have to choose between having pets and having a nice carpet serving Orange County, NY, but that isn’t the case at all. The right carpet will keep your floors looking and feeling great , even under heavy pet traffic. Watch this video to see how STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpeting stands up […]

  • Why Considering Safety Is Essential When Selecting Commercial Flooring

    Are you in the market for new commercial flooring near Orange County, NY ? If so, then you have a number of factors to consider when making your selection, and one of these is safety. The floors that you choose for your property can impact how safe your building is for anyone in it. No […]

  • Signs You Could Benefit from Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation

    Are you planning to install new flooring near Newburgh? If so, then choosing the right variety for your home may feel like a challenge, considering how many options are available. One option that is growing in popularity is luxury vinyl tile flooring . Continue reading to learn if this material could be best for you. […]

  • Looking at the Advantages of Wool Carpet

    As you shop for new carpet for your home , you may want to explore the many beautiful wool fiber options that are available at your local carpet store. Unlike conventional carpets, which are made from synthetic materials, wool carpets are crafted from pure sheep’s wool. When you complete your wool carpet installation in Middletown, […]

  • Spotlight on Maple Floors

    Adding wood flooring to your home is an excellent way to boost its value and provide your interior with a sense of warmth and elegance. If you’re having trouble deciding between your choices for hardwood flooring in Orange County, NY , then read on to learn about one of the popular varieties, which is maple. […]

  • Choosing Area Rugs for Your Hardwood Floors

    Wood flooring is an elegant option for any home, but it’s normal for homeowners to worry about preventing scratches in the delicate wood finish. In order to protect your flooring from foot traffic and scratches, it is a great idea to choose an area rug that will cover a large part of your flooring installation. […]