• What Is a Carpet Pile?

    When you are touring the different carpet options that are available for your floors, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the different variables that you need to consider. Fortunately, with a bit of research, you will have plenty of knowledge when you are shopping for carpet serving Orange County . One factor that is essential […]

  • Say Goodbye to Set-In Carpet Stains

    Set-in stains can detract from the appearance of your carpets. In this video, you will take a look at some tips that will help you to remove stubborn stains from your home’s carpet. Using a solution that contains hydrogen peroxide, you can steam or blot out stains that have completely set and dried. A company […]

  • Keeping Your Office Carpet in Top Condition

    Carpet is a versatile flooring material that can be used throughout your commercial space. After you have completed a new carpet installation for your office in Orange County, you will need to make every effort that is required to keep your carpeting in top condition. To protect your carpet installation , you can place chair […]

  • Making the Choice Between Carpet and Hardwood

    When you are remodeling a home, you may be faced with a tough decision between different flooring styles and materials . While carpet will provide you and your loved ones with a plush and cozy surface, hardwood flooring offers exceptional durability and long lasting style. If you are choosing between carpet installation and wood floors […]

  • Is a Custom Rug Right for Your Room?

    After you have installed new carpet or hardwood flooring in Newburgh , you may want to tie your room together with an area rug. If you are having trouble finding the perfect area rug to match with your interior design plan, it may be time to talk to your flooring experts about creating a custom […]

  • Get the Facts About Different Types of Carpets

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  • Installing Commercial Flooring by Industry

    When you are designing and building a commercial space, it is important to invest in flooring materials that are both durable and attractive. While new carpet may meet the demands of many commercial businesses, new carpeting may not be the best choice in all circumstances. A company that offers carpet and flooring in Washingtonville, NY […]

  • Why SmartStrand Carpets Are a Smart Choice for Families with Pets

    Soft, comfortable, and available in a broad range of colors, carpet offers you a great way to make your home more inviting and add character and elegance to your interiors. If you’re looking for carpet near Washingtonville but worry about your pets staining your new flooring, then watch this video to learn about SmartStrand carpets […]

  • What to Consider When Choosing Hardwood for Your Floors

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  • How to Keep Your Carpeting in Great Shape

    Carpet is a beautiful and comfortable flooring option for every home. However, carpet can stain and degrade easily, if not properly cared for. Carpets near Orange County and Middleton, NY do not require much to stay in great shape. You can maintain your carpets with throw rugs, regular maintenance, and a keen eye for spills. […]