Which Type of Flooring Should Go in Each Room?

The right flooring can transform an ordinary space into a comfortable oasis. However, when it comes to choosing flooring for your home, not one type of material will fit with the needs and style of every room. A company that installs floors in Orange County can help you choose between wood flooring, carpet, and tile for the different spaces throughout your home. Here is an overview of the best types of flooring for each room of your home. flooring - types


Your kitchen receives more foot traffic than almost any other room in your house. Along with receiving wear and tear from busy feet, your kitchen floors will also be exposed to water, food messes, and other staining substances. When you are shopping for new kitchen floors, choose materials that are moisture resistant and very durable. Hardwoods, ceramic tile, and vinyl tile are all appropriate choices for your kitchen space. Absorbent and delicate flooring materials, such as carpets, may not meet the demands of your kitchen.


The bedrooms in your house should contain flooring that is soft and cozy. Rather than finishing your bedroom spaces with cold hardwoods or durable tile, think about using carpets in these spaces. A high pile, low density carpet will be plush and inviting under bare feet. In the winter, carpeted floors can also help to keep bedrooms warmer and better insulated. If you are concerned about durability, choose a carpet that has been treated with a stain fighting product.

Family Room

As you are selecting new floors for your family room, you will have several different options to choose from. The ideal family room floors will be tailored to your family’s lifestyle and daily activities. If the family room is a space that you use for relaxing and watching TV, you may want to install cozy carpets. Very active families, by comparison, may want to include durable hardwoods in their family room spaces. Ultimately, the family room is a space that can accept many different types of flooring materials.