Keeping Your Office Carpet in Top Condition

Carpet is a versatile flooring material that can be used throughout your commercial space. After you have completed a new carpet installation for your office in Orange County, you will need to make every effort that is required to keep your carpeting in top condition. To protect your carpet installation , you can place chair mats and runners throughout your space. It may also be necessary to educate your employees on the importance of keeping your office carpeting clean. Read on for an overview of how to preserve your office carpet. office - carpet

Use Chair Mats

When carpeting is installed throughout your office space, it will serve as a foundation for desks, office chairs, and other types of furnishings. As your employees work throughout the day, they may roll their office chairs over the same spots in your carpets. Over the course of time, continued pressure from office chair wheels may cause your carpeting to wear out prematurely. Rubber chair mats will protect your carpets, while also providing your employees with durable surfaces for their tasks.

Create a Food and Drink Policy

Due to its absorbent nature, carpeting will tend to absorb food and drink stains easily. To protect your commercial carpet against unsightly spills and stains, consider implementing a food and drink policy for all of your workers. By encouraging your workers to eat and drink in a designated space, you can help to keep your office’s carpets free and clear of stains, spills, and messes.

Use Carpet Runners

During an office remodeling project, you will be able to choose out new accessories for your flooring. Many office managers choose to place carpet runners down their hallways and in other high traffic areas. Carpet runners or rugs provide an extra layer of protection for the surface of a carpet. With strategic placement of special runners throughout your office space, you can keep your carpets looking like they are brand new for many years into the future.