How to Deal with Carpet Stain Emergencies

A carpet stain can leave a permanent and unsightly mark on your new flooring if it is not treated correctly. From coffee and red wine to muddy footprints, there are many different substances that can cause stains on your carpets. With brand new carpet installation from a company that offers carpet and flooring in Orange County , you will be able to choose a durable material that is resilient against stains. To help you deal with an unexpected flooring emergency, consider trying these tips: carpet - cleaning

Blot Up the Excess Liquid

The first action that you can take when you notice a stain on your carpet is to carefully blot the offending material. Rather than wiping or scrubbing at the stain, which can potentially make it worse, you can gently eliminate the substance with light blotting. A white cloth or clean paper towel can be used to lift out stains without causing additional damage to the surface of your carpet.

Choose the Right Stain Treatment Solution

Once you have taken the time to carefully blot up the stain, you will be ready to apply your stain cleaner of choice. The type of stain cleaner that you use to treat the mark will depend on the chemical makeup of the material that has been spilled on your carpet. Water-based stains, such as coffee or red wine, can usually be lifted out of carpet fibers using a detergent or vinegar solution. Oil-based stains may need to be treated with special dry cleaning materials.

Contact a Carpet Cleaning Specialist

If you are having trouble getting a stain out of your carpet, do not hesitate to contact a carpet cleaning specialist that serves your local area, your carpet cleaner will have access to all of the tools that are required to safely and effectively lift stains out of your carpet without causing further damage. Your carpet cleaning showroom can provide you with additional tips and tricks for keeping your floors clean.