Don’t Believe These Myths About Tile Flooring

Before you make a decision in terms of flooring near Washingtonville, NY, you should be sure you know the facts. Some people decide not to choose tiles for their floors because of widespread myths that do not stand up to scrutiny. This includes tile flooring being fragile, not requiring any maintenance at all, and being cold at all times. If you’re interested in tile flooring , read ahead to see why you shouldn’t believe these myths. tile - floors

It’s Fragile

It’s true that you’ve probably seen a cracked tile or two in your time, but you’ve probably seen far more that were perfectly intact. Despite the myth that tile flooring is fragile and easily cracked, tiles are not as structurally unsound as you might think. Tile flooring is less susceptible to certain types of damage than most other kinds of flooring. If you have pets, for example, tile flooring may be better at resisting scrapes from their claws. It’s also a great choice when it comes to resisting water damage, which is a benefit that most types of flooring don’t offer.

You Don’t Have to Maintain It

Many people consider tile because of the ease of maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do any maintenance at all. Remember to clean up spills immediately so they don’t stain your tiles—even a spilled glass of water can lead to a mold problem, so clean it up as soon as you notice it. Keep in mind that the amount of maintenance your tile flooring needs depends on whether or not it’s sealed. Sealed tiles will hold up better over time, but you should have your floor resealed every now and then to enjoy maximum benefits.

It’s Always Cold

Tile flooring is sometimes cold, but only if it’s cold in your home. Tile tends to hold its temperature for a long time, so all you need to do is keep your home at a comfortable temperature in order to keep your flooring comfortable. Factors like your geographical location can also play a role in the temperature of your tile flooring.

How Well Does STAINMASTER® PetProtect® Carpeting Stand Up to the Crowds?

Some people feel like they have to choose between having pets and having a nice carpet serving Orange County, NY, but that isn’t the case at all. The right carpet will keep your floors looking and feeling great , even under heavy pet traffic. Watch this video to see how STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpeting stands up to heavy use.

As a carpet company, you have to put your products to the test before you can convince anyone that they’re worth buying. STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpeting got a chance to shine at the 138 th Annual Westminster Dog Show, and it didn’t disappoint. Viewers got to see how well this carpeting resisted pet stains, even with thousands of dogs walking over it all day—and that’s not to mention all of the owners, staff, and spectators. STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpeting showed its ability to release pet hair, reduce odors, and provide a soft and comfortable surface to stand on.

Installing Commercial Flooring by Industry

When you are designing and building a commercial space, it is important to invest in flooring materials that are both durable and attractive. While new carpet may meet the demands of many commercial businesses, new carpeting may not be the best choice in all circumstances. A company that offers carpet and flooring in Washingtonville, NY will be able to help you choose between a carpet installation or another type of flooring for your property. If you are wondering about what type of flooring will be best suited for your space, here is a look at some common types of commercial floorings that are used in various industries. new - flooring


An office environment is perfectly suited to a new carpet installation. With brand new carpets, you can provide your workers and clients with a comfortable floor that is appealing and easy to maintain. Your local carpet store may offer special types of carpets that are specifically designed for office settings. A low-pile carpet, for example, will be naturally resistant to stains, dust, and debris.

Small Businesses

As the owner or manager of a small business, you may be seeking an alternative to carpeting for your business space. When you are shopping for new business flooring, you might want to tour some of your options for engineered wood or tile. Engineered wood can provide your business with the gorgeous look of natural wood floors, but with fewer maintenance requirements. A new tile floor will provide your space with the highest level of durability.

Retail Spaces

When you are choosing floors for your retail space, you will want to pick out materials that will make a great impression on your customers. A wood floor will add a sense of luxury and sophistication to your retail area. If you are concerned about your wood floors getting scratched or stained, it may be a good idea to invest in engineered hardwood flooring. A flooring installation professional can help you choose the right floors for your industry.

Replace Your Carpets and Improve Your Health

The quality and condition of your carpet can have a dramatic impact on your overall health and wellbeing at home. If you are tired of coughing, sneezing, and wheezing when you step foot inside your house, it may be time to thing about replacing your carpet. A company that offers carpet installation in Orange County, NY can help you choose new carpeting that is beneficial to your health. To highlight the advantages of a new carpet installation in your home, here is a look at three ways that new carpets can help you remain healthy at home. new - carpet

Eliminate Allergens

Carpets can be a natural breeding ground for allergens. As your carpets start to age, they may collect dust mites, pet dander, and other materials that are known to cause indoor allergies. If you have found that vacuuming or steam cleaning your carpets is not effective in reducing your indoor allergy symptoms, a new carpet installation may help you eliminate harmful allergens from your home.

Reduce VOCs

The term VOCs stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, and your home’s carpets may be releasing VOCs into your air on a continual basis. VOCs can be harmful to persons with indoor allergies, and they are also dangerous for young children. Since VOCs are odorless and colorless, you may not be aware that your current carpets are contaminating your home. When you purchase new carpets, you can select materials that have been specifically engineered to have few or no VOCs.

Avoid Mold Exposure

Your carpets can be hazardous to your health if they are starting to show signs of black mold. When carpets get wet due to flooding or other forms of water damage, they can create the perfect atmosphere for mold spores to grow and multiply. Mold spores can cause you and your loved ones to develop allergy symptoms, respiratory issues, and a variety of other health problems. A new carpet installation will eliminate the mold and return your household to proper health.