See How Ceramic Tiles Are Made

If you are shopping for new flooring that will last for decades before it starts to show signs of wear, you may want to consider ceramic tile. In this video clip, you will get a look at the process of making ceramic tile flooring . Ceramic tile is crafted from a special blend of minerals that can be molded into various shapes of tiles. A company that offers flooring near Washingtonville can provide you with additional information about ceramic tiles.

Whether you are shopping for ceramic tiles or carpet tiles, you will want to make sure that you purchase your new flooring from a reputable showroom. A contractor that specializes in tile and carpet installation will make sure that your new tiles are ready to meet the demands of your household.

Are These Popular Flooring Trends Right for Your Home?

If you are getting ready to renovate your existing home or build a brand new house, you will want to take some time to research this year’s most popular flooring trends. From bamboo floors to shag carpet and more, there are many different types of floor styles that are gaining popularity today. A carpet store serving Middletown can help you select flooring materials that are up to date with the latest trends. To help you get started on your flooring installation, here are some flooring trends to consider for your home. bamboo - flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is extremely popular for today’s homes. Many homeowners are making the switch to bamboo due to the exceptional beauty and unique characteristics of this material. When you install new bamboo floors, you can choose thinner planks that look like natural bamboo, or you can even select wider planks that look more like conventional hardwood. Over the years, you will find that your bamboo floors offer very easy maintenance and care.

Rustic Wood Flooring

The rustic look is very popular for modern interior design schemes. If you are adding rustic finishes to various areas throughout your home, you may want to provide your floors with the same appeal. During your hardwood flooring installation, you can ask your contractors to finish your planks with a salvaged or reclaimed look.

Cork Flooring

While you may be familiar with how cork is used in wine and champagne bottles, you may be surprised to learn that cork could have a place on your home’s floors. New cork flooring offers many of the same great benefits as hardwood floors, but adds additional comfort and insulation to the mix. When you walk on cork floors, you will find them incredibly soft and cozy under your feet. Cork floors can be stained in an array of different colors, so you can create a floor that matches your personal style.

Spotlight on Using Hardwood in the Kitchen

Classic and durable, hardwood flooring in Orange County, NY is a favorite among homeowners. If you are planning to install new flooring in your kitchen and love the look of wood, then you may be wondering if it’s an option for this part of the home. Read on for some helpful information on using hardwood floors in your kitchen. hardwood - flooring


Many people are surprised to learn that they can install hardwood in their kitchen. This material can last a lifetime when cared for properly, but there are a few things to consider. Pet nails and high heeled shoes can scratch and scuff wood floors, which can be problematic in this high-traffic area of the home. Also, any spilled water must be cleaned up immediately to prevent permanent damage to the flooring, and you should clean the surface regularly to help prevent scratches. Finally, you may want to install kitchen window treatments that offer UV protection to help your new flooring stay beautiful long-term.


When it comes to hardwood floors, you can choose between solid and engineered planks. Milled from a single piece of wood, solid hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished over the years as needed and is a popular choice among those who want traditional wood floors.

Engineered hardwood can be more affordable and is made using bonded layers of wood. Engineered wood floors can be installed over more materials than solid hardwood and can withstand greater levels of humidity, which can be critical for kitchen flooring.


If you decide that hardwood flooring is the right choice for your kitchen, then you’ll find that there is no shortage of options available. Start by considering what wood species you would prefer, as this will impact your choices for color. Also, different wood species offer various patterns and levels of hardness and durability. Finally, wide planks can give your kitchen a rustic feel, while narrow ones lend a more modern aesthetic.

Why Considering Safety Is Essential When Selecting Commercial Flooring

Are you in the market for new commercial flooring near Orange County, NY ? If so, then you have a number of factors to consider when making your selection, and one of these is safety. The floors that you choose for your property can impact how safe your building is for anyone in it.

No matter what type of commercial property you’re working with, there are ways in which safety should influence your choice of flooring. First, many industries have specific requirements regarding hygiene, such as food manufacturing, health care, and restaurant. For this reason, you may need to choose a type of flooring that minimizes the chance of bacterial contamination, and that can withstand frequent and harsh cleanings.

Additionally, you want to minimize the risk of injury among employees and customers. For this reason, you may want to choose a flooring material that offers plenty of slip resistance, especially if there is any water or moisture involved with your services.

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