Signs You Could Benefit from Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation

Are you planning to install new flooring near Newburgh? If so, then choosing the right variety for your home may feel like a challenge, considering how many options are available. One option that is growing in popularity is luxury vinyl tile flooring . Continue reading to learn if this material could be best for you. luxury - vinyl - tile

You Want Comfort for Your Family

Many people agree that to realize some of the benefits of luxury vinyl tile, you must feel them for yourself. Alterna vinyl tile by Armstrong feels warm and soft underfoot, unlike hardwood and ceramic tile, which are cool and firm. If you enjoy the look of tile, stone, concrete, or wood, but want something that can make your home feel more comfortable and cozy, then luxury vinyl tile could be the ideal choice for your needs.

You Have a Busy Household

Do you do a lot of entertaining or have kids and pets in your family? If so, then you have a good reason to consider luxury vinyl tile installation. Armstrong’s luxury vinyl floors feature a protective top layer that resists scuffs and scratches, delays signs of wear, and helps your flooring last. This layer is combined with a clear film that adds still more durability and protects the vinyl against gouges, and tears. Beneath this is the printed layer that gives the flooring its appearance, and under that is the bottom layer of tile backing that is designed to provide added strength.

You Want to Upgrade Your Interiors

If you’ve been in your home for some time, then you may not realize the effect that your flooring is having on the aesthetics of each room. Look over your home with a critical eye before choosing new flooring and think about what materials might complement your décor the best. If hardwood planks, stone tile, ceramic tile, linen, or concrete come to mind, then consider the luxury vinyl tile options offered by Armstrong Flooring.

Why SmartStrand Carpets Are a Smart Choice for Families with Pets

Soft, comfortable, and available in a broad range of colors, carpet offers you a great way to make your home more inviting and add character and elegance to your interiors. If you’re looking for carpet near Washingtonville but worry about your pets staining your new flooring, then watch this video to learn about SmartStrand carpets .

SmartStrand by Mohawk is an ideal carpeting option for families with pets. SmartStrand Forever Clean is a top choice for softness, stain resistance, and durability, and it now features a carpet protection system that covers all pets and all accidents called All Pet Protection and Warranty. Also, it is the only carpet that has built-in soil and stain protection that will never wear off. For these reasons, SmartStrand is the right choice for many families with pets.

Looking at the Advantages of Wool Carpet

As you shop for new carpet for your home , you may want to explore the many beautiful wool fiber options that are available at your local carpet store. Unlike conventional carpets, which are made from synthetic materials, wool carpets are crafted from pure sheep’s wool. When you complete your wool carpet installation in Middletown, you are sure to be thrilled with the beauty and quality of your new flooring.

There are several distinct advantages to choosing wool carpet for your home. When you install new wool carpeting, you can rest assured that your carpets will be extremely resistant to wear and foot traffic. The unique properties of wool make these types of carpets incredibly stain resistant and fire retardant. You and your family members are also sure to love the soft feeling that wool carpets provide underfoot. Finally, since wool is an insulating material, your wool carpets can also help to insulate your home during the chilliest months of the year.

wool - carpet

What to Consider When Choosing Hardwood for Your Floors

Hardwood flooring is an excellent flooring material for many spaces throughout your home. Whether you are considering installing new wood flooring in your living room, or you are gearing up to place hardwood floors throughout your home, you will have many factors to consider before your installation. A company that sells hardwood flooring in Orange County, NY will be able to answer any questions that you may have about what types of floors will be the best fit for your taste and lifestyle. Here is a look at what you need to consider when you are choosing hardwood for your floors. hardwood - floors

Width of Boards

The width of your hardwood boards will have a dramatic impact on the final look of your flooring. If you would like your flooring to visually expand the spaciousness of your room, you may want to select a narrow board width. Wider boards will provide your interior spaces with a cottage or country feel. You may want to try laying out certain board widths to see what they look like in your space.

Species of Wood

The species of the wood is another critical factor that you will need to take into account when you are shopping for new hardwood floors. Each species of hardwood has unique characteristics, including particular grains, strengths, and colors. Some popular hardwood species for homes include oak wood and cherry wood. To provide your floors with a unique flair, you can also consider unusual or luxurious hardwood species, such as mahogany.

Flooring Finishes

Your flooring finish will have a large impact on the final look of your hardwood floors. Natural hardwood floors can be finished using special stains or urethane products. Ideally, your finish should match with the overall look and color scheme of your home. To cut down on your installation time, you can also choose to install prefinished or engineered wood floors. Engineered hardwood floors will arrive at your home already finished, so they will be ready for use as soon as they have been installed.