Here Are the Common Terms to Know for Hardwood Flooring

If your home’s flooring needs an upgrade, consider installing new hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring is widely regarded for its natural beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance. With assistance from a company that specializes in hardwood flooring in Newburgh, you can replace your old, worn out floors with brand new wood flooring that is sure to impress your family and friends. To help you navigate the wood flooring installation process, here are some hardwood flooring terms that every homeowner should know. installing - floors


As you are shopping for your new hardwood floors, your contractor may ask you to decide between unfinished and prefinished wood. When wood is in its natural state, it is not sealed against moisture, scratches, and other forms of wear. Prefinished hardwoods come to your home with a protective seal that has already been applied in the factory. If you go with unfinished wood floors, your flooring contractor will need to apply the finish after the installation project is complete.


Engineered floors are becoming increasingly popular for modern homes. Unlike natural hardwood floors, which are crafted from single pieces of wood, engineered floors are composed of several different wooden layers. When you choose engineered floors for the interior of your home, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your flooring is extra resistant to wear and tear. Engineered floors are also typically indistinguishable from natural wood products, so they will still provide your home with exceptional beauty.


Before you embark on your wood flooring installation, you will need to get a sense of which species of wood will look best in your space. Hardwood floors can be crafted from many species of wood, including oak, maple, and hickory. Each flooring species has a unique look, as well as characteristic, durability, and hardness. At the flooring showroom, you will be able to tour some different species of hardwoods in person.

Learn How to Care for Bamboo Floors

Bamboo flooring is increasingly becoming one of the most popular flooring options for today’s residences. This video will tell you all about how to take care of your bamboo floors after they have been installed. To keep your bamboo floors in great condition, you should dust them regularly. You can also clean your bamboo by polishing it with a conventional hardwood floor cleaner. A company that offers flooring near Middletown can install beautiful bamboo floors in your home.

When you are ready to install new floors, bamboo may be the right choice for your needs. Along with being extremely strong and resilient, this flooring product is also sourced from sustainable materials. By choosing bamboo floors, you will be able to help your home go green.

What Is a Carpet Pile?

When you are touring the different carpet options that are available for your floors, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the different variables that you need to consider. Fortunately, with a bit of research, you will have plenty of knowledge when you are shopping for carpet serving Orange County . One factor that is essential to consider when you are preparing for your carpet installation is the pile of your new carpet.

Carpet pile is a term that describes the density of a carpet’s fibers. Very shaggy carpeting, for instance, has a high carpet pile. Denser carpets that are less soft and plush typically have a lower carpet pile. If you will be installing carpet in an area that gets a lot of traffic, you may want to purchase a carpet with lower pile. High pile carpets are ideally suited for bedrooms and other areas that see less traffic and wear. To determine whether a carpet has a high or low pile, you can examine its length and feel the softness of its weave.

carpet - swatches

Which Type of Flooring Should Go in Each Room?

The right flooring can transform an ordinary space into a comfortable oasis. However, when it comes to choosing flooring for your home, not one type of material will fit with the needs and style of every room. A company that installs floors in Orange County can help you choose between wood flooring, carpet, and tile for the different spaces throughout your home. Here is an overview of the best types of flooring for each room of your home. flooring - types


Your kitchen receives more foot traffic than almost any other room in your house. Along with receiving wear and tear from busy feet, your kitchen floors will also be exposed to water, food messes, and other staining substances. When you are shopping for new kitchen floors, choose materials that are moisture resistant and very durable. Hardwoods, ceramic tile, and vinyl tile are all appropriate choices for your kitchen space. Absorbent and delicate flooring materials, such as carpets, may not meet the demands of your kitchen.


The bedrooms in your house should contain flooring that is soft and cozy. Rather than finishing your bedroom spaces with cold hardwoods or durable tile, think about using carpets in these spaces. A high pile, low density carpet will be plush and inviting under bare feet. In the winter, carpeted floors can also help to keep bedrooms warmer and better insulated. If you are concerned about durability, choose a carpet that has been treated with a stain fighting product.

Family Room

As you are selecting new floors for your family room, you will have several different options to choose from. The ideal family room floors will be tailored to your family’s lifestyle and daily activities. If the family room is a space that you use for relaxing and watching TV, you may want to install cozy carpets. Very active families, by comparison, may want to include durable hardwoods in their family room spaces. Ultimately, the family room is a space that can accept many different types of flooring materials.

Say Goodbye to Set-In Carpet Stains

Set-in stains can detract from the appearance of your carpets. In this video, you will take a look at some tips that will help you to remove stubborn stains from your home’s carpet. Using a solution that contains hydrogen peroxide, you can steam or blot out stains that have completely set and dried. A company that offers carpet serving Orange County can provide you with additional tips and trick for improving the appearance of your carpets.

If your carpets are covered with stains, now is the time to consider a new carpet installation. When you purchase new flooring from the carpet store, you will be able to pick out brand new carpets that are free from stains and spills. A flooring store can help you choose the best carpet materials for your lifestyle.

Exploring the Benefits of Tile Flooring

If you are seeking a gorgeous alternative to traditional wood flooring, be sure to check out your tile options at the flooring store . Tile floors are becoming increasingly popular for today’s homes and commercial businesses. When you install new tile floors in your home, you will find that your floors are extremely resistant to wear and tear. A showroom that offers flooring near Orange County can assist you with every aspect of your installation.

Tile flooring offers many different benefits over conventional carpet or wood flooring. Since tile is crafted out of natural stone, it will resist water damage and stains. Your tile floors will also be completely sealed, so they will not develop stains and scratches over time. By investing in new tile from the flooring store, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your floors are ready to withstand all of your household activities.

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Keeping Your Office Carpet in Top Condition

Carpet is a versatile flooring material that can be used throughout your commercial space. After you have completed a new carpet installation for your office in Orange County, you will need to make every effort that is required to keep your carpeting in top condition. To protect your carpet installation , you can place chair mats and runners throughout your space. It may also be necessary to educate your employees on the importance of keeping your office carpeting clean. Read on for an overview of how to preserve your office carpet. office - carpet

Use Chair Mats

When carpeting is installed throughout your office space, it will serve as a foundation for desks, office chairs, and other types of furnishings. As your employees work throughout the day, they may roll their office chairs over the same spots in your carpets. Over the course of time, continued pressure from office chair wheels may cause your carpeting to wear out prematurely. Rubber chair mats will protect your carpets, while also providing your employees with durable surfaces for their tasks.

Create a Food and Drink Policy

Due to its absorbent nature, carpeting will tend to absorb food and drink stains easily. To protect your commercial carpet against unsightly spills and stains, consider implementing a food and drink policy for all of your workers. By encouraging your workers to eat and drink in a designated space, you can help to keep your office’s carpets free and clear of stains, spills, and messes.

Use Carpet Runners

During an office remodeling project, you will be able to choose out new accessories for your flooring. Many office managers choose to place carpet runners down their hallways and in other high traffic areas. Carpet runners or rugs provide an extra layer of protection for the surface of a carpet. With strategic placement of special runners throughout your office space, you can keep your carpets looking like they are brand new for many years into the future.

Making the Choice Between Carpet and Hardwood

When you are remodeling a home, you may be faced with a tough decision between different flooring styles and materials . While carpet will provide you and your loved ones with a plush and cozy surface, hardwood flooring offers exceptional durability and long lasting style. If you are choosing between carpet installation and wood floors in Orange County, consult with a team of flooring contractors to help you make your decision. Here is a look at some tips that will help you to make the choice between carpet and hardwood. carpet - floors

Consider Your Desired Comfort

Comfort is an important consideration when you are picking out your new floors. If you are choosing new floors for a bedroom or family room, carpet may be right for your needs. Carpeting will provide you with a soft and wooly feel underneath your feet. Hardwoods are often suited for higher traffic areas where comfort is not the top consideration. To enhance the comfort level of your hardwood floors, consider covering them with area rugs.

Evaluate Your Interior Style

The style of your home may also affect your decision. Hardwood flooring looks terrific when it is placed in homes that have classic architectural features. If you are picking out floors for a modern home, you may be able to place carpeting throughout many of your interior spaces. An interior designer can help you figure out whether carpets or hardwoods will look best in each room of your house.

Think About Your Foot Traffic

Whether you pick hardwoods or carpeted floors for your home, you will need to make sure that you select a product that is ready to withstand foot traffic from your family, friends, and other guests. Typically, hardwood floors offer terrific resilience against heavy traffic. Certain types of low pile, high density carpet are also well suited for families that have active and busy lifestyles. No matter what type of flooring you choose, make sure that your new floors are ready to handle the hustle and bustle of your daily routine.

How to Deal with Carpet Stain Emergencies

A carpet stain can leave a permanent and unsightly mark on your new flooring if it is not treated correctly. From coffee and red wine to muddy footprints, there are many different substances that can cause stains on your carpets. With brand new carpet installation from a company that offers carpet and flooring in Orange County , you will be able to choose a durable material that is resilient against stains. To help you deal with an unexpected flooring emergency, consider trying these tips: carpet - cleaning

Blot Up the Excess Liquid

The first action that you can take when you notice a stain on your carpet is to carefully blot the offending material. Rather than wiping or scrubbing at the stain, which can potentially make it worse, you can gently eliminate the substance with light blotting. A white cloth or clean paper towel can be used to lift out stains without causing additional damage to the surface of your carpet.

Choose the Right Stain Treatment Solution

Once you have taken the time to carefully blot up the stain, you will be ready to apply your stain cleaner of choice. The type of stain cleaner that you use to treat the mark will depend on the chemical makeup of the material that has been spilled on your carpet. Water-based stains, such as coffee or red wine, can usually be lifted out of carpet fibers using a detergent or vinegar solution. Oil-based stains may need to be treated with special dry cleaning materials.

Contact a Carpet Cleaning Specialist

If you are having trouble getting a stain out of your carpet, do not hesitate to contact a carpet cleaning specialist that serves your local area, your carpet cleaner will have access to all of the tools that are required to safely and effectively lift stains out of your carpet without causing further damage. Your carpet cleaning showroom can provide you with additional tips and tricks for keeping your floors clean.

Laminate Wood Floor Cleaning 101

After you have installed new laminate wood flooring in your home, you can keep it looking its best with routine cleaning and care. This video will provide you with instructions on how to clean your laminate flooring. Using a high-quality mop, you will be able to remove dirt from your floors and scrub away stubborn spots. A company that offers hardwood flooring in Orange County can provide you with additional care instructions for your laminate floors.

Along with using a suitable mop to clean your laminate wood flooring, it is also important to create or purchase an approved cleaning solution. The team that assisted you with your flooring installation can provide you with more information about which types of cleaning products are approved for use on your hardwood floors.