How to Keep Your Carpeting in Great Shape

Carpet is a beautiful and comfortable flooring option for every home. However, carpet can stain and degrade easily, if not properly cared for. Carpets near Orange County and Middleton, NY do not require much to stay in great shape. You can maintain your carpets with throw rugs, regular maintenance, and a keen eye for spills. Let’s take a closer look at how you can keep your carpets in great shape for a long time. Clean - Carpet

Stay on top of spills and stains.

You can keep many spills and stains from damaging your carpet simply by acting on them as soon as possible. If a liquid or food spills on your carpet, then clean it up immediately to avoid staining and smells. You must also clean up these spills in the correct manner to avoid further damage your carpet. For example, liquid spills should be blotted with a clean towel or paper towel. Do not scrub at the carpet because this can damage the carpet fibers, causing them to fray or come loose. Blot the stain until dry as quickly as possible, and then use the appropriate cleaning solution.

Know what affects your carpet.

Part of keeping your carpets in great shape comes from understanding what can damage them throughout their lifetime. Carpets located in high traffic areas—such as an entrance or on the stairs—are likelier to degrade or look dingier than other areas of carpet around your house. To preserve these areas, double your vacuuming and cleaning efforts throughout the week. Place throw rugs, which will catch much of any dirt or stains that might occur. These are just a few ways to preserve your entryway and stair carpets.

Maintain regular cleaning practices.

Above all, you must be on top of carpet cleaning chores. These chores include vacuuming, at least once a week, and hiring professional carpet cleaning services once or twice year. These necessary tasks will remove the dust, dirt, and other damaging particles from your carpet. This will keep your carpet in great shape, and it will improve your family’s health.