Choosing the Best Flooring for Families with Pets

Are you planning to install new flooring near Middletown, NY? If so, then there are a few factors to consider if dogs or cats are part of your family. The following are some great flooring options for households with pets: vinyl - flooring


If you’re like many people, then you love the look and feel of having hardwood floors. Despite the many benefits that this type of flooring offers, however, it’s not always a great choice for families with dogs or cats because pet nails can scratch and nick the wood’s surface. If you want hardwood but worry about the damage that your pets may cause it, then consider choosing luxury vinyl tile for your new flooring installation. Made to look like a number of popular flooring materials, such as wood, stone, and concrete, vinyl tile is beautiful and stylish but also resistant to scratches and wear.


It’s not uncommon for pet owners to assume that carpet is out of the question when it comes to new flooring. Luckily, if you enjoy carpeting and you have dogs or cats in your household, then there are some excellent options for you to consider. Today’s carpet technology has produced some high-performance products that are pet stain resistant and easy to keep clean despite pet hair and dander. STAINMASTER PetProtect, for example, is designed specifically for families who want to benefit from the soft and luxurious nature of carpeting but do not want to deal with pet stains and odors affecting its quality. STAINMASTER PetProtect reduces pet odor, releases pet hair, and has built-in stain resistance that doesn’t wash off.


Highly durable and resistant to wear, ceramic and porcelain tile are elegant flooring options that work well for families with pets. This type of flooring comes in a broad range of sizes and colors, and can even be installed in a way that creates unique patterns and designs. Tile is easy to clean and can readily stand up to pet nails, making it an excellent option for households with 4-legged family members.

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