Choosing Stainmaster PetProtect to Control Pet Hair

Stainmaster PetProtect carpet has a special technology that reduces the amount of pet hair that can typically collect on carpeting in Orange County, NY. This collection of pet hair is often resistant to vacuuming, but as seen in the video, Stainmaster PetProtect carpet can help fight this common phenomenon. Read more to learn why this carpet is the right one for a home with animals.

Found in several New York flooring stores, Stainmaster PetProtect has been specially-designed so that the carpet fibers will release pet hair and dander easier than other carpet brands. This technology can positively affect a family’s health and prevent premature damaging as a result of owning a pet. Stainmaster PetProtect carpeting can also reduce the amount of usage on a vacuum cleaner, which will save homeowners significant maintenance costs over time.