Spotlight on Maple Floors

Adding wood flooring to your home is an excellent way to boost its value and provide your interior with a sense of warmth and elegance. If you’re having trouble deciding between your choices for hardwood flooring in Orange County, NY , then read on to learn about one of the popular varieties, which is maple.

Maple tends to have creamy, pale colors in whites and warm browns, and it can have anywhere from minimal to heavy mineral streaks of brown or black. Maple’s graining is fine and minimal, and it often forms curly patterns or uniform lines. This wood is a particularly hard species, but it also contains soft cell structures. This combination can make it challenging to stain evenly, so experts recommend choosing pre-stained and finished maple flooring.

Due to its versatile nature, it’s no surprise that maple is among the most popular wood species for floors. Maple hardwood flooring is stylish, versatile, strong, and durable, making it an ideal choice just about any interior design.

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