Touring Today’s Top Flooring Trends

The flooring is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of any home. Not only do you, your family members, and your guests walk on it, but your flooring comprises a considerable portion of your interior décor. That’s why you should always take special care when deciding on flooring for any room. If you’re looking to make a stylish splash with the flooring in your Orange County, NY home, consider the following popular flooring trends . flooring - trends

Eco-Friendly Carpet

Eco-friendly products are all the rage these days; as it turns out, flooring is no different. Many companies are making themselves stand out by producing recycled or otherwise earth-friendly carpeting. Recent technological advancements have made modern carpeting much more comfortable and easier to maintain than the shag carpet you likely remember from your childhood.

American Hardwood

As a material, it’s hard to imagine that hardwood will ever go out of style. Hardwood is stylish, durable, and easy to maintain. Instead of importing hardwood from overseas, which could drive up the total cost of your flooring project in a hurry, consider purchasing high-quality hardwood from North America. Oak, hickory, and maple are in great supply in this country, and the price is right.

Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl has long been the designated budget-friendly flooring option. In recent years, the flooring industry has made great strides to rebrand vinyl as an inexpensive and luxury flooring choice. Vinyl is great because you can make it look like anything you want, including hardwood or even marble. Recent technological advancements have vastly improved the photo technology used to mimic wood and other materials at a low price.

Ceramic Tile

Tile is a popular choice among homeowners because it’s affordable, it comes in many different shapes and sizes, and it’s extraordinarily versatile. Today, the largest sizes of tile have become more popular among homeowners in Middletown, Washingtonville, and beyond. It’s hard to say why exactly: the people like what they like.