Which Carpet Pad Do You Need?

Although it’s an unseen part of your flooring, the carpet pad is an essential element of your carpet and flooring system. If you’re planning on new carpet installation in Middletown, NY, picking the right carpet cushioning will help provide your flooring with the necessary foundation. The carpet pad acts as a shock absorber and can extend the life of your carpet as well as add extra comfort.

Most residential carpets should have a pad between 1/4 – 7/16 inches in thickness. The precise size and type of cushioning your carpet should have will depend on the traffic level of the room. Low traffic areas such as bedrooms and dens can benefit from a softer, thicker pad. Hallways, living rooms, and stairways should have padding that is firmer and thinner.

It’s vital to select the right type of carpet pad to retain the carpet manufacturer’s warranties and to give your new carpet the proper level of support that will prevent it from breaking down and separating at the seams. BC&N Carpet is your one-stop shop for all of your flooring needs in Orange County, NY, including carpet and carpet padding.


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