Selecting a Carpet Fiber

Narrowing down your selections for carpet flooring near Orange County, NY can seem confusing with so many options available. Watch this video for tips on selecting the best carpet fiber for your home.

PET carpet is an eco-friendly choice that comes in a wide variety of textures and colors and is ideal if you’re on a budget. PET’s stain-resistant fibers offer exceptional color clarity and fade-resistance.

Nylon carpet sets the standard for durability and beauty and is a wear-free fiber known for its fade-resistance and appearance retention. Nylon is resilient and boasts a stronger surface so your carpet can stand up to a high-traffic household and your active lifestyle.

Triexta carpeting is one of the most innovative advances seen in the carpet and flooring industry. The soft and durable fibers have stain-resistance built in, allowing the carpet to be cleaned with just water and mild detergent.