• Choosing Area Rugs for Your Hardwood Floors

    Wood flooring is an elegant option for any home, but it’s normal for homeowners to worry about preventing scratches in the delicate wood finish. In order to protect your flooring from foot traffic and scratches, it is a great idea to choose an area rug that will cover a large part of your flooring installation. […]

  • Constructing Different Types of Carpet

    Carpet is a soft and luxurious flooring surface that is appropriate for many different spaces in your home. Whether you are renovating your house or building a brand new property, it is a great idea to plan a carpet installation for your bedrooms, living room, and other flooring spaces. With the help of a company […]

  • Which Carpet Pad Do You Need?

    Although it’s an unseen part of your flooring, the carpet pad is an essential element of your carpet and flooring system. If you’re planning on new carpet installation in Middletown, NY, picking the right carpet cushioning will help provide your flooring with the necessary foundation. The carpet pad acts as a shock absorber and can […]

  • Signs You Need New Flooring

    If you’re considering new flooring, there are some signs to watch for that indicate the need for new tile, carpet, or hardwood. Residential flooring is designed to provide your home with many years of service, but time, damage, and wear can degrade your flooring and negatively affect the appearance, comfort, and value of your home. […]

  • Selecting a Carpet Fiber

    Narrowing down your selections for carpet flooring near Orange County, NY can seem confusing with so many options available. Watch this video for tips on selecting the best carpet fiber for your home. PET carpet is an eco-friendly choice that comes in a wide variety of textures and colors and is ideal if you’re on […]