What to Expect from Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood floors have a classic beauty that few other types of flooring can compete with. When maintained routinely, wood flooring will actually last upwards of 25 years. If you are considering hardwood flooring, read this article to see what you can expect with the installation process. To browse a great selection of flooring in Orange County, NY , visit BC&N Carpet online.

In preparation for wood flooring installation, your contractors will advise you to remove all furniture from the room. Draperies, artwork, and other items must be taken out of the room before a wood floor can be installed. If you are having new hardwood floors installed in your home, the wood must acclimate—a process that can take several days to more than two weeks, depending on the type of wood being installed. Flooring in Orange County NY

If your wood floors need to be finished, sanded, or refinished, the process is likely to involve noise and interruption to your daily life around the house. An experienced flooring installation contractor will implement a dust containment system to minimize debris. But these systems are not going to remove every particle of debris, which is why you should cover any valuable items that you want to keep from getting dusty. Once the finish has been applied, keep off the floors until they have dried. The drying time always depends on the type of finish used.

After Installation
Once the finish has dried, install felt pads onto the bottom of each piece of furniture. This helps to reduce the risk of dents and scratches. Add rugs to the entrances in your home, but avoid buying rugs with rubber backs, as they can discolor the floor. Furthermore, remember not to walk on the floor with high heels, cleats, and other shoes with soles that could cause damage. Color change is normal, as are irregularities and cracks—this is part of what makes wood flooring unique. Use a cleaning product formulated for wood in order to best maintain your flooring.