A Look at Different Types of Carpet

C arpet may be the ideal choice for your home flooring needs, but what type of carpet will work best? Carpet stores in Orange County, NY may offer a range of different types of carpets including cut pile, loop pile, and cut and loop style carpets. This variety of carpets offers different looks, maintenance requirements, and feelings under your feet. It helps to understand each of your flooring options before making a decision for your home. Read on for a brief look at a few different types of carpet.

Cut Pile
Cut pile carpets consist of twisted yarn; the more twisted the yarn, the better the carpet stands up to foot traffic. You Carpet in Orange County NY might find cut pile carpets in such styles as Saxony, textured plush, or friezé. A Saxony carpet tends to make for a great fit in refined areas like the dining room or living room. If you are looking for a single carpet to spread through your entire home, textured plush can be an excellent choice. This carpet hides footprints well and works nicely in busy homes. Friezé carpets make use of highly twisted yarn, which allows it to keep from wearing and hide vacuum marks.

Loop Pile
While cut pile carpets use twisted tufts of yarn, loop pile carpets arrange yarn in small loops that rise above the ground. These types of carpets are also able to stand up to significant traffic, and they may be found in informal contemporary designs . A loop pile carpet may make use of different colored fibers in order to create a sense of depth that many homeowners enjoy.

Cut and Loop Pile
Sometimes, cut pile and loop pile techniques are used together. In combining these styles, a cut and loop pile carpet can be made to provide various different textures as well as a range of patterns and designs. Some homeowners like to take advantage of the available colors and design patterns that efficiently hide spills, stains, and soils. Cut and loop pile combines the best features of both of its elements.

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